For most, we handle their earned media, including press outreach and social media support. For some, we work on all marketing programs including content generation, paid advertising, brand strategy, event marketing and in-store promotions. For others, we act as an agency integrator to help big marketing programs work across all of their marketing channels. 

For all of them, we get the job done.



We excel at getting media coverage for our clients. We believe that strong local PR will drive great national PR. We maintain relationships with traditional journalists all around the world. From sending out product, to media training spokespeople to helping merchandise and style broadcast segments, we take care of everything to get our clients the exposure they deserve. You can see more press coverage on our news page and video channel.


We eat it all: hamburgers, steaks, tacos, doughnuts, roast beef, fried chicken, sushi, ramen, sports bars, gastropubs, farm-to-table, California progressive, American dim sum, raw vegan, Catalan, barbecue, seafood. We know how to maximize press and social media for restaurants from cutting-edge concept to beloved institution. Going beyond PR and social media, we offer business intelligence to help our clients stay competitive in the ever changing dining landscape.



Celebrity Partnerships

Celebrities can be a powerful tool for clients looking for national exposure.  We've helped clients create ongoing celebrity programs, sponsor celebrity events, negotiate celebrity endorsements, and collaborate creative with artists.



A new class of citizen journalist has been on the rise for several years.  They have no credentials.  They have no training.  Some even have no purpose. They do have millions of consumers who follow them every day. We help our clients work with influencers to increase their awareness and improve their bottom line.



Integrated Marketing

For some of our clients, we work as an out-of-house head of marketing.  We develop, produce and execute advertising campaigns, manage franchisee relations, develop content, build digital platforms, manage sponsorships, execute trade events, manage other agency partners and anything else that needs to be done.  


Branded Entertainment 

Born in Hollywood with an office in Nashville, we believe a little glamour can go a long way.  From television show integrations, to movie product placements, to launching a streaming service to producing a reality show for one of our clients, we know how to make our clients the star.